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We have a dedicated development team based on certified, qualified and professionals. Our team is comprised of highly skilled engineers, designers, developers, writers, Web & Internet Professionals, media experts, and consultants. Our team works closely with our clients to understand their needs and offer their best in order to provide our clients with exceptional returns. Our team is fully capable of understanding, analyzing, optimizing and managing brands.

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Mr. Dinakar Nalini Balakrishnan took the helm of JachOOs™ as its CEO putting his several years of experience as an IT Professional. He is a highly-qualified IT professional and holds a number of IT certifications and work experience with several European companies operating in the Middle East. Mr. Dinakar Nalini Balakrishnan brings a persistent motivation for modernization and a passion for IT services. He has always been inspired by the impact technology can make on people’s lives. He has always believed in creating such conditions that will allow to make success happen. He has always been open to innovative ideas and has the courage to take risks.

CEO Message

The environment we are operating in is expected to transform radically over the coming years, however, our prime idea of positioning our clients at the heart of everything we do is one thing which is going to remain the same. As we make our way towards 2020 and beyond, we will carry on to upgrade ourselves and take on new challenges with the objective of establishing a firm operating platform which is capable of delivering persistent growth in all kinds of business environment. The key driver behind this growth is the modifications we visualize over the coming years. By leveraging our fortes and transforming ourselves from within, we will carry on to take on different challenges to pursue growth.

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We provide high-quality services in areas of Business web hosting, integrated IT Services and media services, Information Technology solutions, Internet marketing, Branding, business-related writings and much more.

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