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The internet has redefined how people communicate around the globe. Amidst the numerous benefits the internet brings, redefining press release makes a top spot on the list for businesses. With this tool, companies can now harness the power of the internet to promote their products and reach more people than ever.

With statistics placing the number of people searching for news online at more than 80 million, there’s a greater chance to catch the attention of your target audience online. In recent times, press releases have helped businesses build a strong foundation and baseline for brand awareness and general marketing campaigns.

JachOOs™ provides its clients with a rich knowledge and experience to help businesses achieve their goals through carefully crafted press releases.

    We specialize in different types of press release such as:

  • News press release
  • Launch press release
  • Product press release
  • Expert press release etc

Key benefits of Press releases

Instant visibility: Companies all around the world know the importance of being in the public eyes. The more visible a business is, the more they’re able to reach prospects and win them over. Press release helps spread the word about your business and ensures you remain in the spotlight positively.

Cost effective: If your business needs to create awareness in the public and there’s shortage of cash, press releases lets you achieve that goal with a smaller budget. It’s cost effective when compared to ‘paid advertising’.

Increased traffic: Studies have shown that millions of people go online every day to look for unique insights and interesting stories. Press release allows you leverage that opportunity to get into your prospect’s feed. When done by professionals, it results in increased traffic to your website.

Industry expert: Releasing press releases regularly helps position you as an industry expert. Consequently, the general public is likely to trust you more. And when the media needs comment about your industry, they’re also likely to call on you.

Sales potential: When you release press releases and gain credibility, it becomes easier for people to patronize you. Press releases about new products you’re launching or an improvement on the product you offer will result in higher sales.

    Reasons to Choose JachOOs™ for your press release

  • We write short but powerful press release without wasting words
  • We identify the news angle of your story and create a compelling press release
  • We pay attention to details
  • We know how to make reporters ask you for more
  • We tell your story like a journalist and not a marketer

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