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Microsoft Platform - Hosted Application using Azure Cloud Application Development Services

Jachoos specializes in designing and developing hosted cloud services tailored to business requirements. Our expertise lies in creating scalable applications using Microsoft Azure services. With Jachoos, you gain access to the Microsoft Azure platform for on-demand computing and hosted storage resources. Our solutions excel in hosting collaboration systems, running big data applications, and migrating from costly data centers. We provide end-to-end software development for enterprises, offering pre-built methodologies and an open environment to explore Azure operations. As businesses strive to optimize costs and improve productivity, our Microsoft Azure Hosted Application development services enable efficient cloud migration. Benefit from our comprehensive cloud service portfolio, including infrastructure, platform, and software as a service options.

Why to Choose Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform for Application Development?

Microsoft Azure allows businesses to quickly deploy application in the cloud i.e. Hosted environment which saves a lot on infrastructure costs while reducing the hardware and maintenance costs considerably.

  • Ultimate Fast Microsoft speed of deployment, speed of operation scalability and functionality is very high as compared with on-premises or other cloud providers.
  • Easy to Provide Services Globally For the enterprises which use Microsoft Azure to have their services run in datacenters worldwide very easily. It enables them to modify the global reach of their applications in a dynamic manner as performance and utilization changes.
  • Security You can get secure and smooth logon for the users - business to business or for individuals. This allows the customers to use other commonly used accounts like Facebook etc to login to services.
  • Scalable and Flexible We use Microsoft Azure to easily create applications which run reliably and can scale multiple times without the need of any additional coding.

Why Jachoos for Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions & Services?

Jachoos is specialized in delivering fully integrated Microsoft Azure cloud solutions with reliable software architecture at highly affordable costs. We build a hybrid IT environment in which the on-premises IT resources work together with cloud IT resources. We also enable you to get rid of additional expenses involved in maintenance and computing infrastructure through Microsoft data centers.

Microsoft Platform - Desktop Application

Jachoos provides secure, affordable and scalable development of Microsoft Windows desktop application with rich User Interface (UI) and best performance rate and delivers end to end solutions to solve different business purposes. We fulfill many business needs with our Microsoft desktop application development. We have highly skilled, talented and many years experienced developers in .NET development who have expertise in desktop based applications. We can deliver any project in fastest and most accurate timeframe.

At Jachoos, we employ the best available practices to build your desktop applications so that you always get a polished product which gives competitive advantage to you in your business. We create high quality and faster desktop applications which are more powerful than their other competitors. We give high value to the security hence provide you well secured desktop application.

    Jachoos’s expert team of Microsoft professionals is expert in all forms of Microsoft desktop Application development and the following skills:-

  • Windows 7, 8 and 10 Application development.
  • ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, MVC 6, MVC Core 1.0
  • MS-SQL Server Solutions 2014/2016
  • Frameworks: .NET 4.0.1, .NET 5.0,
  • Custom Desktop Application Development.
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Application Maintenance.

    Why to Choose Jachoos for Microsoft desktop Application Development?

    You should always look for a reliable Microsoft partner when planning for a software application or desktop application. You should Choose Jachoos as:-

  • Jachoos is the best technology partner as we have developed a wide range of unique and innovative Microsoft technology solutions for large as well as small enterprises.
  • Several years of experience in dealing with hundreds of Microsoft desktop application development projects.
  • Best place to hire affordable Microsoft technology experts.
  • Jachoos applies strict security measures.
  • Transparent in business deals.
  • Provides 24*7 Technical Support.

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