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Whether you’re looking to produce a video or create a logo that stands out from the competition, animated logos offer these and a variety of other possibilities. Many companies are aware of the power of a well designed logo as it reflects the identity of a brand and serves as the face of a brand. However, today’s technology-driven world has introduced intros and animated videos which has witnessed a steady rise in use over the last decade.

Animated logos have proven to be more effective than static logos for video content. It gives businesses an opportunity to showcase their creativity and originality. Companies that desire to stand out from the competition through video content now go the extra mile by opting for intros and animated logos.

    Where can you use animated videos?

  • Social media: You can share your animated logo to create a buzz by using GIFS or videos
  • Website: You can place it as your header logo which can be eye-catchy, yet doesn’t distract visitors
  • Videos: You can use animated logos as intro to your video to make it look professional and signify ownership
  • Digital Billboards: You can place them on digital billboards in city streets, bus stops, and subway stations.

Key Benefits of Using Intros and Animated Logos

Brand awareness: A typical logo creates brand awareness but animated logos are more effective as they make logos memorable for customers because of the motion, color and sound.

Professionalism: Intros and animated logos help send a message that your business is a professional one which adds points to your credibility. Companies that use intros and animated logos are seen as serious businesses compared to companies that don’t.

Cost effective: Intros and animated videos are inexpensive but can generate higher Return on Investment (ROI) in the long term. It can help keep visitors on your site and boost engagements.

Ownership: If your company is interested in video content, intros and animated logos help to place ownership on the video. It helps ensure that your videos are shared with your seal of ownership which enhances brand awareness.

Unique: With the decreasing attention span of today’s audience, intros and animated logos help you stand out from the competition and hold the attention of your audience longer.

Why choose JachOOs™ for intros and animated logos services?

Our goal is to help business translate their ideas into stunning realities. At JachOOs™, we have seasoned video editors who are ready to introduce your logo in a stylish and creative way that will help your company stand out.

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