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Internet marketing (also called online marketing or digital marketing) refers to the activities involved in advertising a product and promoting a brand over the internet. Internet marketing uses several tools to help drive traffic, leads and sales. In its simplest form, it’s marketing done over the internet.

With over 3.5 billion users accessing the internet in 2017, internet marketing leverages the opportunity to reach the vast audience. Expected to achieve 11% annual growth till 2021 and a projected expenditure of $120 billion dollars, internet marketing is the way for companies to achieve their goals faster.

Internet marketing is a broad concept that comprises the following specialized categories:

Web marketing: This includes websites for e-commerce, affiliate marketing, product promotion and information. It also includes advertising on search engines and search engine optimization.

Email marketing: It refers to promotional efforts of products and brands via targeted email messages to existing and prospective customers.

Social media marketing: Refers to advertising and marketing carried out on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Search Engine optimization: This involves optimization of websites to boost rankings and increase traffic.

Key Benefits of internet marketing

Broad reach: Using the conventional media limits messages to a geographical area or region. Internet marketing makes your brand visible beyond the limits of your local area and allows people from afar to connect with you for business. This leads to more engagements, clients, sales and return on investment.

Targeted visitors: Traditional mass media limits your ability to reach those who need your products. One has to hope that individuals who need the products see the adverts. However, internet marketing has made it possible to tailor adverts to target specific individuals which also increase return on investments and generates sales.

Cost effective: Internet marketing allows you cut down cost on advertorial and promotional efforts while delivering higher level of results. Internet marketing is inexpensive, yet offers powerful features better than traditional media, making it business-friendly.

Brand awareness: Making sure a brand remains in public view can be difficult and quite expensive. Internet marketing allows companies create brand awareness and improve their visibility better than on the traditional media.

Automation and Measurability: While it’s difficult for business to measure the effectiveness of their advertorial and promotional efforts on conventional media, digital marketing allows companies track their efforts and campaigns, and makes it possible for businesses to be automated.

Why choose JachOOs™ for internet marketing

At JachOOs™, we have a team of internet marketing experts with top-notch skills in various internet marketing related services. We will help you analyse your internet presence and the effectiveness of your website, and make adjustments that will help you stay ahead of the competition.

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