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Infographic Elements & Design

Studies have shown that the human mind can quickly process and retain information when it’s visually represented. Textual content can be too bulky to read or understand. In an ever increasing world of information, it’s important to compress information into formats that can be easily understood using Infographic elements and design.

Infographics reduces the dependency on texts for communication by making use of compelling images to display data, explain concepts, simplify presentations, map relationships, and show trends. Its meteoric rise in recent times can be attributed to its ability to convey data in a compact and shareable format by using Infographic elements and design.

    Types of Infographics include:

  • Timeline Infographic
  • Charts Infographic
  • Pie Charts Infographic
  • How To Infographic
  • Process Infographic
  • Comparison Infographic
  • Number Infographic etc

Some of the elements a good Infographic design should contain are:

A story: An essential element of Infographic design is a good story that reflects the message you want to pass across. The story comprises few hundred words, headlines/headers and a visual theme.

Simplicity: A great Infographic design is devoid of complication such as too many details and specifics. The aim is to keep things simple.

Color and graphics: The colors must complement each other and be used with purpose to create a great Infographic design.

Visual style and flow: An Infographic design should mirror natural eye movements and reading pattern. It should be readable and presented in an inverted pyramid style.

Graphs and charts: An Infographic design displays data in a creative way using charts and graphs. The data and story determines what kind of graph or chart that’s suitable.

Key benefits of using Infographic elements and design

Eye catchy: Infographics are catchier than texts as they use images, colors and content to naturally attract attention.

Simplify ideas: Infographic elements and design help simplify complex concept and ideas into digestible bits.

Knowledge retention: While a text may be difficult to digest and recall, an Infographic is easy to recall since it makes use of elements that are visually striking.

Higher engagement: Infographics attract more readers, and garner likes and shares because of their simplicity. This makes it easy for them to go viral.

Brand awareness: You can customize your Infographics design by placing your logo on them. The more they are shared, the more brand level awareness increases.

Why choose JachOOs™ for your Infographic elements and design services?

Creating an Infographic design doesn’t have to be complex. At JachOOs™, we have experienced graphic designers that are ready to turn your data and information into compelling Infographics. We will help you pass your message across fast with Infographics while aligning them to boost your brand awareness.

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