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Icons and Calligraphic

The utilization of icons and calligraphy has experienced significant growth over the years, establishing themselves as integral components of modern design trends. Despite the perception that icons and calligraphy may have lost popularity, they continue to be in demand among businesses and language enthusiasts, particularly those interested in languages like Chinese and Arabic.

Calligraphy involves the art of designing and executing lettering using broad-tip instruments, brushes, or other writing tools. On the other hand, icons are simple symbolic or graphical representations displayed on screens, representing a program, option, or window. The proliferation of websites and apps has contributed to a surge in the use of icons. Both icons and calligraphy find extensive application in designing logos, signatures, as well as for websites, apps, and games.

  • To design great icons, here are some principles to know:
  • Consider the audience as national characteristics may be different
  • Understand the size the icon will be used at
  • Keep icon designs simple without too many details
  • Add realism using consistent lighting, reflections, and shadows
  • Use a limited perspective during design
  • Create consistent icon styles
  • Avoid using designs similar to other brands etc.
Key Benefits of using icons and calligraphy

Quick understanding: When icons are added to a website design, they make the content of the site easy to understand. Using icons along with texts on a website gives readers a hint of what is to come before they read it and also reinforces the message a business wants to communicate. This makes it easy for readers to remember afterwards.

Reflect personality: Icons have different styles which are meant to portray different messages. When an icon is placed on a website, it says a lot about the brand. It sends a message about the personality of the brand: fun, professional, elderly, etc. icons have numerous styles which send a message about the brand personality when businesses pick a particular style.

Enhance readability: Most readers are turned off at the sight of a large amount of text on a website. While some may read a few lines, other readers tend close the web page. Icons are useful in this regard as they help break bulky texts when strategically placed on website.

Conversions: In midst of hundreds of alternatives, a well-designed icon can attract users on online play stores to check out an app or game, and subsequently make downloads.

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At JachOOs™, we have creative graphic design professionals that can translate your idea into captivating icons and calligraphy.

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