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Hosted Backup Solutions

JachOOs™ hosted backup solutions bring speed, measure and value to your corporate. It is a secure and automated Cloud Backup & Recovery Solution that will backup Servers, PC’s, Mac, Linux, VMware, Hyper-V, SQL, Exchange and more. For any organisation, data remains the single most valuable asset. Whether related to financial, product, customer or employees, data is the lifeblood of any organisation. In the event of a disaster or data loss, what you will want is how quickly you can restore the data, not whether the data was successfully backed up or not, this means, the emphasis must be on data recovery.

JachOOs™ Hosted backup solutions only use ISO 27001 certified Data Centres in UK, EU, USA and Asia enabling you to choose where you want your data to be stored. As well as data being stored in the cloud you can also create local backup sets that will aid in faster recovery times.

High Speed Backup & Quick Data Access

We provide backups with high speed, It takes consistent snapshots for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, Oracle and Active Directory. Backup reliably. From anywhere at any time you will be able to access your data instantly, intelligently indexes for an easy search results, similar to "Google's Search" whether for a single file or folder. Our backup hosting is flexible in replication, WAN optimised replication that doesn’t impact production workloads, avoiding unnecessary network and storage costs. It is capable of delivering a global de-duplication that scales out, resulting a flexibility in replication.

JachOOs promise our hosted backup solution as a few clicks away from your Apps

Free up your apps and data from infrastructure. Spin up in the cloud from anywhere at any time regardless of infrastructure. Receive rich data services, such as: policy, security, compliance, and access controls.

Data Management

Data lifecycle management for all your data (Windows servers, physical Oracle databases, VMs, NAS, Linux servers, Microsoft SQL databases) from start to finish. Data is managed across public and private clouds using a single interface. Data integrity is ensured while compression and content-aware global de-duplication versioned data is being orchestrated. Backup, recovery, compliance, and analytics in one secure portal, with central management and global monitoring. Save time and money by automatically managing policies and eliminating tape.

Bacup Recovery

It is an inststant recovery, recover in the amount of time it takes your OS to boot. Instantly recover VMs and applications to any point in time, quickly and effortlessly. Recover apps instantly from failures, disasters, and Ransomware. Recover what all you need whenever required.

Application Availability

Our hosted backup supports virtualization for VMware, Hyper-V, physical Windows, Linux, native Oracle, and SQL. Every enterprise can benefit from our backup data's simplicity, performance and security.

Our hosted backup protection

Compression: Data storage compression can eliminate the many redundancies of stored data and cut storage costs.

Retention Rules: Define a backup retention period which can be set for days, weeks, months or years giving you flexibility.

Single consolidated repository: No scattered silos therefore giving optimal performance and redundancy measures.

Portal: Web-based dashboard with visibility for multiple branch locations and offices.

Local Storage: Create a local backup set enabling faster restores and added measures for disaster recovery.

Security: AES 256-bit in-flight and at-rest Encryption. Data can not be accessed by any 3rd party.

Reporting: Generate reports that identify possible storage inefficiencies and data volumes.

Analysing: View storage trends to show how much data is being backed up and the size of the changes.

Regulatory Compliance: Encryption Key Management (customer-controlled encryption key and authentication).

Hosted cloud backup features

Incremental Forever: After the initial upload, only changes are being backed up, this means faster backups and less use of your internet.

MS Exchange: Natively backup MS Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 & 2013 databases while running (hot), avoiding downtime

MS SQL: Fully integrated MSSQL 2005, 2008, 2012 & 2014 backup makes protecting your live databases as easy as 1,2,3

Hybrid Backup: Create 2 types of backups sets, cloud or local. Cloud data is sent offsite whilst local is stored onsite to any device.

Advanced Scheduled Backup: Setup a schedule that determines when you want the backup window to be or you can throttle the speed at anytime

Continuous Data Protection: Have an extra layer of backing up changes in real time which can be set to run every minute or hour.

Virtual Machine Backup: Backup your VMware or Hyper-V machines by selecting this type of backup set from a drop down menu screen.

Open File Backup: Backup files whilst they are open, ensuring you don't lose data and can easily recover any information if needed for restore.

Initial Upload: If your bandwidth is slow, we can provide FTP details so you can seed and upload via a faster connection or send us a disk.

Backup Cloud to Cloud Applications

JachOOs™ hosted backup provides cloud to cloud backup for cloud applications like Microsoft 365 backup and backup for Google G Suite. Customers can choose to store data in US, Europe or Asia

Supported Applications and Operating Systems.

Microsoft Windows, OSX, Linux, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Synology, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Exchange, Oracle, Lotus Domino, FreeBSD, Sun Solaris, Unix.

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