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ERP and Business applications as SaaS solution

Software as a Service or SaaS is also known as Cloud computing. It allows users to access the software applications that run on shared computing resources for example memory, processing power, disk storage etc via the internet. These computing resources are maintained in remote data centers which are dedicated to hosting various applications on multiple platforms.

Cloud SaaS ERP is a software as a service which allows users to access Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software over the internet. SaaS ERP has much lower initial investment as the computing resources are leased by the month rather than purchased at one go to be maintained on premises. SaaS ERP also enables companies to access their important business applications at any time from any location.
The main difference between Cloud SaaS ERP and on-premises ERP is where the software is physically located but there are some other significant differences also. The cloud is highly important to small and medium size businesses as it provides access to fully functional business applications at a reasonable price without any need for big initial investment for hardware and software. Using the right cloud provider, a company can rapidly scale their business software as their business grows.

    Key Benefits of SaaS ERP Software:-

  • It avoids upfront costs for all IT infrastructure such a hardware and data servers.
  • Reduces IT support services because IT support is provided by the data center.
  • No need to pay upfront for software application licenses as it requires only monthly fee.
  • Reduces the cost of maintenance of ERP software as the cloud vendor handles the updates and upgrades.
  • Paying only for the IT resources which are required.
  • Due to fixed monthly rate, the companies can use their cash on other business areas.
  • Taking advantages of Cloud ERP application faster as installation of hardware and software is on the servers.
  • Can adjust the amount of cloud service as a company’s IT needs fluctuate.
  • Benefit of data been backed up and there is a disaster recovery plan also.
  • Preventing hacking attacks on the company’s server as the data is not stored locally but in the cloud.
  • Company can assess the cloud software business application from anywhere which makes it easy for the company to expand since the internet is everywhere and there is no need to implement and install hardware and software at remote locations.

Why Choose Jachoos for SaaS ERP Software and Business Applications?

Jachoos is a leading software company providing Software as a Service (SaaS) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) offerings for various sectors. Till now Jachoos has implemented its SaaS ERP Software for numerous clients all over the world. Our SaaS ERP Software and Business Applications are perfect fit for those organizations which are seeking all the power of the large scale on-premise ERP applications in a Software as a Service model. If you go for Jachoos SaaS ERP Solution then there is no need for you to own hardware or software and you have to pay only on a subscription basis. For example our key SaaS ERP solution for manufacturers provides unification of Engineering, Manufacturing, Financial Management, Supply Chain, Sales, Service Management, Plant Maintenance and Human Resources and it can simply be accessed through cloud using internet. Jachoos has many years of experience in creating world class and industry best practice SaaS ERP solutions and we have served so many clients. Our solution is a great fit for any company which is seeking to streamline their operation and realize higher bottom line profits by using SaaS onDemand model. Jachoos provides best in class SaaS ERP cloud solutions and Business Applications hence If you are looking for one then contact Jachoos today.

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