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Editing & Post Production

Producing video related works is a herculean task. From the pre-production stage that involves scripting and rehearsals to production stage that involves the camera rolling and the lights coming on; producing a video can be stressful but worth it. When the production is successful, every video needs editing and post production as this is where the real magic happens. It’s where the entire production puzzle comes together to create an amazing finish. Often, the editing and post production can make or mar all the hard work that’s been invested in the video making.

Editing and post production helps make the meaning and intended message clear for viewers to understand. It’s the final stage in videography that encapsulates the various processes needed to make the video ready.

    Some of the processes of editing and post production include:

  • Video editing using an edit decision list (EDL)
  • Writing, recording, re-recording and editing the soundtrack
  • Adding visual effects, especially computer generate imagery (CGI)
  • Re-recording and mixing sound design, and inserting sound effects
  • Transferring color motion picture film to a video

Key Benefits of Editing and Post Production

Add the puzzle together: Editing and post production assembles all the rushes to create a meaningful video. The footages may be scattered and in need of a final touch. Editing and post production arranges the rushes and edit them to give a finished product.

Insertion of sound effects: Editing and post production allows the video editor to insert sounds that were not in the original footages. The sounds may have been expensive or dangerous to produce. E.g. Bomb blast, battle ground, crashes etc.

Create a mood: Editing and post production helps mould the mood of viewers through the use of music. The tone of the music helps amplify the tone of the video and help viewers to feel a scene.

Adding visual effects: Shooting a scene the way it ought to be in the script is often impossible (e.g. sci-fi) or dangerous (crashes). Editing and post production helps solve the problem by adding visual effects in accordance with the script.

Make color correction: Color also helps to build the mood by giving the video a look. A scene may require the use of a color to achieve the desired effects like a sense of dread and despair. Editing and post production corrects the color from the footages to depict the mood of the video.

Why choose JachOOs™ for your editing and post production?

At JachOOs™, we have a team of professional video editors who have spent years honing their craft. We can help you edit and produce a high quality video that’s unique to you and tells the story you want.

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