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Demand for creative writing is rising than ever before. There’s a growing desire among people to read something that’s not academic or technical. Creative writing does that as it helps to entertain and share human experience like loss or love. It makes use of human imagination to express a thought or feeling.

With the advent of the internet and the social media, there’s a huge audience looking for quality creative writing. More eBooks, blogs, movies and songs are being produced on the internet with the aim of connecting with an audience. Creative writing attracts massive readership and is in high demand.

    Some of the techniques used in creative writings are:

  • Character development
  • Plot development
  • Vivid setting
  • Dialogue
  • Figures of speech
  • Emotional appeal etc.

Types of creative writing

There are several types of creative writing. Some of them are:

Diaries: A diary is a type of journal where you record events that occur during the course of your day.

Essays: There are several types of essays but not all are creative. Some essays deal with presentation of facts with little room for self-expressions. Examples of creative essays are persuasive essays and descriptive essays.

Storytelling: Story telling is, perhaps, the most popular type of creative writing. It could be fiction or non-fiction. Examples are novels, novellas, biographies etc

Poetry: Though under-appreciated, poetry is an artistic type of creative writing. Examples of poems are elegy, ballad, pastoral etc. You could also write a story in rhymes for kids.

Speechwriting: Speechwriting is another distinct type of creative writing and can be persuasive, inspirational or informative.

Scriptwriting: Scriptwriting requires a flow of creativity and can be written for movies or video games. Its uniqueness is in its potential to reach a non-reading audience.

Song writing: Though it shares some similarities with poetry, writing songs merges music with the craft of writing in an enjoyable way.

Why choose JachOOs™ for your Creative writing?

Experience: Average creative writing hardly achieves the desired result. You want to have a professional to handle your creative writings for you.

Time: Creative writings often take time as it is not easy crafting a masterpiece. You just may not have enough time to write a piece that would resonate with your readers.

Different type of writing: Each type of creative writing has its unique style. You may be able to write a type of creative piece but unable to effectively write another type that you need to.

JachOOs™ has a team of creative writers with many years of experience under the belt. Whatever your needs may be, our team of professional writers can help work on your thoughts and craft a piece you would be happy to call your own. We have a culture of reliability and customer satisfaction.

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