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Graphics design involves the use of graphical elements for visual communication and problem solving. It’s the art of conceiving, planning and projecting ideas and messages using visual and textual content. Graphics design has become a delicate issue for businesses because of its many benefits.

Business graphics is different from graphics as an art. It goes beyond the aim of expressing creativity to projecting a brand, message or product to the public. Since it helps shape the perception of the public about a company, companies today cannot afford to overlook business graphics. Business graphics typically includes: Business cards, illustrations, web and mobile design, social media design, banner ads, Photoshop editing, flyers and brochures etc.

    Elements of business graphics

  • Line: Lines have many uses. Whether it’s straight, curved, wavy or think, lines can help guide the eyes of viewers or divide separate content in a layout.
  • Shapes: Shapes often help to creatively fill spaces with the aim of supporting texts or other forms of content.
  • Colour: Colour is essential in business graphics and helps influence a brand or product. When seamlessly integrated into a design, it helps create aesthetics effects.
  • Texture: The texture of a design gives it a distinct visual appearance and can help to add depth.
  • Type: Type transforms a mere text to a work of art. With the use of several fonts, size, and spacing can help communicate the desired message.

Key Benefits of Business Graphics

Brand recognition: Business graphics help establish an instant connection between your brand and the general public. It helps shape a brand’s image.

Higher engagements: Using business graphics on social media pages can help boost engagements because it uses visuals that are attention grabbing. Image quality and design have shown to influence buying decisions.

Attract prospects: Business graphics helps attract customers by creating a unique identity which can attract customers, make your products stand out and make customers willing to buy again.

Cost effective: Poor design often translates to ineffective design. Business graphics professionals may seem expensive but in the long run, they save costs that could have been wasted on cheap low quality designs.

Employee pride: Poorly designed graphics can affect employee productivity and lower general workplace efficiency. Good business graphics will reflect in the apparel and attitude of workers to work.

Why choose JachOOs™ for your Business Graphics services?

Staying up to date in an ever changing world of business can be tasking. Designs become obsolete and it’s important to continually reinvent your business designs to appeal to new and existing clients. At JachOOs™, we have a team of business graphics designers that are ready to help stay relevant and create designs that suit your customers.

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